MoU Signing ceremony between The Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF), India Internet Foundation (IIFON) and The Assam Kaziranga University (KU)

A tripartite agreement in the form MoU was signed between The Cyber Peace Foundation (CPF), Ranchi, India Internet Foundation (IIFON), Kolkata and The Assam Kaziranga University (KU), Assam on 11th June, 2017 in The Assam Kaziranga University campus. Lt. Vineet Kumar (President, Cyber Peace Foundation), Mr. Anand Raje (Trustee, India Internet Foundation) and Shri Basant Khetan (Pro-Chancellor, Assam Kaziranga University) signed the MoU in the auspicious presence of two distinguish guest Shri Satya Narayan Pradhan, Joint Secretary, Ministry of DONER, Govt. of India and Dr. D Ramaiah, Director, CSIR-NEIST (North East Institute of Science and Technology), Jorhat.

After signing the MoU, Dr. Monowar H. Bhuyan, HOD, CSE department gave a presentation on three fold scope and objectives of the MoU. The initial aspect of MOU is to:

  1. Set-up e-Raksha Research Centre and Centre of Excellence-DDoS in Kaziranga University.
  2. Setting up of a honey network and hardware security test-bed.
  3. Promote innovation, designing of algorithms and developing indigenous software tools for cyber security under the “Make-in-India” initiative of Government of India.
  4. To encourage research in the field of Cyber Security and Cyber Defence.
  5. To constitute a think-tank and functioning through various expert committees to learn, understand, analyze, resolve and manage cyber security critical internet infrastructure issues.
  6. Collaboration and extension with other institutions and ensuring public and private partnership.
  7. Jointly applying for grants and contributions for the projects related to cyber security and critical internet infrastructure from governments, industries and other bodies.
  8. Starting new courses on cyber security and cyber-crime investigations subject to prior approval of Academic Council of KAZIRANGA UNIVERSITY
  9. Promote entrepreneurship in cyber security to support the “Startup India” and “Standup India” initiatives of the Government of India.

Capacity development is one of the core mandates of the MoU which includes:

  1. Cyber security awareness events and workshops throughout the year.
  2. All India Cyber Security Hackathon (The Kaziranga university is chosen as the nodal centre) thrice in a year.
  3. Internship, specialized training and helping in placements
  4. Working on Next Generation Internet Standards.

Shri Satya Narayan Pradhan, in his congratulatory speech mentioned that, this MoU comes at a very important time where cyber attacks are increasing worldwide due to unscientific access of internet among the users. There is a dearth need of cyber security cell in the north east and Kaziranga University can play a vital role in this regard. Shri Pradhan recommended to explore the aspects of security in social networks as this is the prime focus Government as well. Apart from this, he also mentioned that how Government can help through different funding scheme. He congratulates the KU management and CSE department of KU to take the initiative.

Later the team of delegates examined the research activities and visited the cyber security infrastructure including Data centre of KU.