Key Supply side enablers (decrease in cost of smart devices, declining cost of access) combined with rapid customer adoption (Uptake in 3G services and high smart phone sales) is accelerating the Internet adoption in India. Currently, in a country of 1.2 billion plus people and having more than 900 million plus mobile users and more than 50% of the mobiles capable to log on to internet, the current Internet contribution to Indian GDP is set to grow from 1.6% to anywhere between 2% to 3.5 %.

While investments are being made In Internet Backbone structure of the country through National Optical Fiber Network program and National Knowledge Network there is a need to optimize traffic management on a peering or transit basis and start looking at the network performance holistically.

India Interconnection & Peering Forum 2017 (IPIF-2017) is the maiden event of this community in India.

IPIF 2017 will be held on May 11-12, 2017. The Peering Forum will bring together national and global speakers who will share their thoughts and views on “Role of Internet Infrastructure in Digital India”.

In this forum, through presentations and a panel discussion, we would like to examine and discuss how Internet Infrastructure in India can be optimally utilized to allow access to large number of people with existing resources, leverage technologies and services to provide a faster and safer Internet experience.

The peering forum is having a session which will provide an opportunity to all networks to announce their network capability and statistics. There will be facility for one to one peering meetings which can be booked by the participants post registration through the IPIF 2017 website.