About Us



India Internet Foundation is an independent organization dedicated to improving Indian Internet Ecosystem. As India marches towards full digitization under the flagship Digital India program, the focus of Foundation is of being an enabler for increasing internet penetration and enhancing the Internet experience of users.

Considering the global nature of Internet, the context of Foundation requires it to work on issues and seeks to articulate views and viewpoints which are in line with the stated objectives both nationally and internationally.

The Foundation believes in the capability of the Internet of being a leveler and a medium of providing inclusive growth and focuses its plans and programs in a way so that thematic, policy and technical dimensions of Internet are taken care in unison and in a balanced way.

India Internet Foundation vision is to be a premiere center that carries the nationalistic agenda of Internet Governance while supporting multi-stakeholder model of Internet governance.

The Foundation is based out of Kolkata and has a team of volunteers, technical experts and policy makers based in India & overseas working towards its vision and objectives.