The challenges being faced by Internet is the result of Geo-Politics that influence the environment and the security perception of the country. However, Internet gets driven by the economics surrounded around it. As all other system Internet also a system of communication has come with a set of positives and negatives. The positives has enabled the country to fulfill the gap of supply and demand but has created an access divide as well.  To enable our members and partners contribute towards a sustained positive change, we work with them to understand and influence the entirety of the system that affects the challenges and opportunities they are trying to address.

This is done through series of Activities described below.

  • Policy POVs
  • Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) Deployments
  • NTP Deployments
  • Root Server Constellation
  • Creating Communities
    • India Technical Caucus for RSSAC (ITC-R)
    • India Technical Caucus for MANRS (ITC – MANRS)
    • India Technical Caucus for Internet Performance (ITC-IP)
  • Cyber Defense – Critical National Infrastructure (CD-CNI)