Our Mission

The India Internet Foundation (IIFON) is an independent Indian Organization dedicated to Enhancing the Internet Experience of Users and Capacity Building for Indian Internet Ecosystem.

The Foundation serving this role is a call for change which will bring together all stakeholders government and policy-makers, experts and academics, international organizations, youth, technology innovators and representatives of civil society in a neutral space. The call for change will alter the way and means Internet is accessed and delivered in India. It relates itself to UN Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 and aligns with Goal 17 of revitalizing the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development.

The Foundation is unique in this regard because we are:

Objective – No ideological or commercial interests.

Global – As Internet has created an interconnected world, all issues have global implications

Overarching – Belief in Multi-stakeholder Model of engagement

Futuristic – All Futuristic decisions lays down the path of evolution.