Guidelines And Policy

IIFON-IX- Guidelines & Policy

General Guidelines V1.0

  • IIFON IXP is a Neutral Internet Exchange Point for Internet Service Providers, Content Providers, Telecom Service Providers, Network Operators, DNS, TLD and other such service Providers, etc. as IIFON IXP may consider requires IXP facility.
  • Currently operational at Kolkata, IIFON is working towards establishing additional IXPs across India and primary Membership will entitle them to peer at any available IXP location of their choice. However, the charges for each location shall be payable separately.
  • All Service Providers wishing to connect to IIFON IXP(s) shall be responsible for obtaining their own AS Number and IP Addresses. AS number and use of BGP4+ is mandatory for Members wishing to peer with other Members. For more details on AS Number look into Peering & Routing FAQs.
  • Members shall provide their own equipment such as Routers, cabling, etc. Members wishing to seek IIFON services to obtain equipment and other peripherals may contact IIFON separately for quotes.
  • Members will have to connect to IIFON IXP using dedicated leased lines or Wireless links of appropriate capacity.
  • Members using IIFON IXP cannot use it as Transit/Routing it’s own Traffic. For more details on transit look into Peering & Routing FAQs.
  • Preserving the security and stability of the IIFON IXP and maintain the integrity of other members traffic will be of paramount importance and Members are expected to adhere to the operational policies established by IIFON from time to time, applicable IETF and other such standards. IIFON may disconnect temporarily or permanently (if the situation so demands) any Member, who may or whose actions may threaten the operation of IIFON IXP in general and operations of fellow members specifically, till such as time as such threats, are mitigated to the satisfaction of the technical committee of IIFON. Reconnection charges will then apply for restoration.
  • Members, while joining shall provide the details of the technical liaison to IIFON IXP, who shall then be responsible for all contact and communication by and between the Member and the IIFON IXP and other Members of IIFON IXP. Similarly, IIFON IXP shall make available the list of Technical Help Desk Personnel who shall be available to supervise the operations, watch over the IXP and in general shall be available to the members for troubleshooting 24×7.
  • IIFON has published its Peering & Routing and Tariff Policy. These policies will be amended from time to time and Members will undertake to adhere to these policies.

General Guidelines V1.0

  • IIFON is a public peering point and allows for both Multilateral and Bilateral peering amongst its Members. For more details on Multilateral & Bilateral Peering look into Peering & Routing FAQs
  • A Member at the IIFON IXP must announce all routes to the IXP router and all Members shall be entitled to receive these routes connected to the IIFON router.
  • Members are also entitled to enter into own private peering arrangements.
  • Members can announce only routes that belong their own AS
  • Members will ensure that their equipment and port capacities are sufficient and upgraded from time to time so as not to drop traffic that other members exchange with them. Additional port capacities may be added once 70% of the existing port capacity is utilized regularly over a 3 month period.
  • A member shall not carry traffic between two or more of its own routers at IIFON IXP and use IIFON facility as it’s own backbone.

To join IIFON IXP please email at