Internet Operations Research

The Internet enables permission less innovation by design; there’s a lot of recent and ongoing activity and the assumptions about availability of transport and application protocol information & control to networks are likely to be invalidated. There is a big focus on strong encryption, reduction of metadata, Push towards applying policy / mitigations in endpoints but it is being tested in terms of operability.

The research undertaken by IIFON is for live Internet data on DNS layer including creation of Test-bed, conducting focused research on Internet Traffic Performance and Management involving network operators, academia, and enterprise networks towards a resilient DNS infrastructure across the country.

The research aims to perform industrially relevant, innovative and critical research into new IP networking architectures and create capacity at the network layer by provide a world-class, stimulating and flexible test environment. It will also establish collaborations with leading industrial and Internet research groups within and outside India. The expected outcome can be described visually as below

  • enabling knowledge transfer by organizing workshops
  • research with operational relevance through data collection and analysis
  • Increasing awareness of the DNS’s significance
  • offer useful, publicly available tools and services.
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